Here are some frequently asked questions about the platform...

(Amazon Turk Workers)

New workers who have completed higher offers or surveys will have a hold placed on their worker bonus up to seven days until worker loyalty and survey quality has been evaluated. Loyal workers to the platform will receive additional bonuses that will not be outlined when accepting a hit from Koinkash. Thank you.

There are three ways to submit the hit

  • (highest potential bonus) Complete one offer/survey from the surveys page (For our Vip Members, or 2 screenouts on Cpx Research)

  • Browse the Koinkash platform to receive a code to submit the hit.

  • Win one game of Hangman, or play three games of Hangman

Please only use one IP address when accessing hits from Koinkash. No VPNs, proxy, or other anonymizing applications or software. Workers found to be violating these terms will have their hit rejected and possibly have their worker ID banned too. Thank you.

What Is Koinkash?

Koinkash is primarily an online earnings platform, as well as a codmobile blog, a community that can be about more than just online earning opportunities.

How do I earn on Koinkash?

There are multiple ways to earn on Koinkash platform, from offerwalls and offers such as downloading mobile apps in exchange for Koinkashes which can then be converted into real-world currencies or even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Giftcards and other payment methods are also available. After registering with a valid email and verifying said email users will have access to multiple offerwalls as well as countless earning opportunities.

How can I withdraw my earnins from Koinkash?

After reaching the minimum of $5 USD for completed offers users can then navigate towards the withdrawal page choose their selected payout method, and withdraw to their chosen payout method for that specific withdrawal. I will however also be flexible with our more frequent regular users when it pertains to withdrawal minimal and payouts for offers that are claimed to be completed, but requires further investigation with the offerwall provider.

How long will I have to wait for Koinkash to pay me?

A maximum of $10 USD daily will apply with a minimum of $5 USD. After the minimum withdrawal of $5 USD has been reached a user can withdraw their earnings immediately provided that the user's account has not been flagged for suspicious or malicious activity. I.E. offerwall provider provides proof/evidence of a user with multiple accounts within the Koinkash platform.

User Appreciation & Roles

Koinkash will have what are called roles, similar to user levels on other platforms. User roles will be assigned based on loyalty and frequency to the platform vs offers completed.