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The Earning experience

Along with being an onlne earning platform Koinkash also has a blog, Koinkash...The Blog. Here at Koinkash I know what its like to feel, "Hey, will I be paid for my hard work?" "Hey, when will I be paid for my hard work?" This is why I offer the koinkash experience with vip access to the team which will manage you questions and concerns, while also helping you as our valuable hard-working user to navigate the experience.

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The Technical Experience

Since a child I have always been proud of my tech saviness and ability to catch on to things fast. I took it in stride as I got into my teen-age years and by fifth-teen I could awe my friends and family with my advance computer skills by doing things that required advanced technical knowledge, but performing these tasks in a way that the people in my social and everyday life could understand. On the gaming side, codmobile video gaming clips will display my great hand and eye coordination skills and these skills will not be vaughly displayed while frequenting these parts. I will also invite and offer the gaming blog experience to other blog consumers and earnings platform users.

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The Development Experience

As a former IT professional I have made the ultimate leap of merging into the realm of software developement and Computer Science. I specialize in back-end technologies while building web applications. Here on codmobile gaming blog I will also offer tips and tricks, possibly featuring code snippets geared towards PHP in web development and there will also be content featuring front-end technologies as well. Javascript and CSS.

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The Social Experience

One of the main purposes of Koinkash and one of the most important things that I intended to do while building koinkash web apps was to make sure that I offer an inclusive and non-divisve experience. I believe in connecting the world using technology kind of similiar to Bill Gates and his dream of connecting the world using the internet. Topics outside of gaming technology and development will be discussed, chat rooms will be available, and also possibly a forum as well.

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Koinkash Will be similiar to swagbucks, offering oppurtunies to earn small happy rewards such as gift cards and crypto currency.

Along with social topics, and the latest happenings in tech...Welcome to the experience.